Modelling for Rosies Art

Would you like to model for Rosies Art?

Jaleesa Koelen, picture by Renee Robyn

We have a pretty extensive network of wonderful models, MUA’s and photographers who we love to team up with. But we do also love to work with a fresh face from time to time!

Our designs range in size from S to XL, and we like to work with models who are equally varied in size.

If you are interested in working with us and live in the Netherlands, please send us an email with:

-Your sizes in cm’s: Your length, bustwidth, waistwidth and hipwidth.

-Your shoesize

-Any particular kind of shoot you would like to participate in, or will not participate in.

-A few pictures of your previous modelling work and at least 1 ‘natural’ picture with as little make-up as possible.

For more information about taking your measurements, please go to How To Measure.

Please keep in mind that:

-We always work TFP

-We never lend clothes to other parties for shoots that we are not present at ourselves.

-If we add you to our model-files, this is not a guarantee we will be able to work with you. This depends on a number of factors, including preferences of the other people participating in the shoot (MUA, photographer) and wether or not your looks fit well with the kind of shoot we want to do and the size of the clothing that wil be shot.

-The photographs taken will, after the photographer is finished editing them, be available for use of all the people involved in the shoot, but only if the names of the entire team will be credited along with the picture upon publication anywhere.