Due to experiences in the past, we are no longer available for customorders.


Have you seen one of our designs, but its not available in your size, or would you like to order it in a colour not displayed on the website?

Read all about the possibilities to order a custom made Rosies Art costume or design below!


Under these circumstances do we take on customorders:

-The design you request us to make is one of the designs Rosies Art has made in the past. We are a designer label, not a sewing service and therefore do not simply sew your designs for you.

Customorders we can take on are: A design we have sold in our shop but has since gone out of stock, a design we are currently selling but in a different size or material than is for sale.

-We have the time. We want to give your customorder the attention it deserves. Therefore, we can only take on customorders when our schedule and your deadline permit it (please take into account, shipping abroad also takes at least two weeks, if not more).

-You can vouch for sending us the correct measurements. We cannot take responsibility for the fit if the measurements you send us are incorrect. If you are unable to come by and have your measurements taken by us, please have your measurements taken by a professional. Rosies Art does not take responsibility for any issues that may arise from flawed measuring when we have not taken the measurements ourselves.

-We can obtain (and process) the materials desired by you within the time available to us.

-You agree to our terms and conditions on Customorders and the timetable we propose after discussing your project (see below).

Here’s how it goes!

If there is an item you would like to customorder from us, contact us! In your request, try to describe as accurately as possible the design you want to have made, the theme, materials and colors you desire and the deadline in wich you want to recieve it.

We will reply to your request asap and discuss the possibilities.

Once we have a clear idea of what it is you are looking to have made, we will send you a series of design drawings. From these you can choose either 1 design, or a combination of these designs. You can also suggest other additions or alterations. When we have decided on the final design, we will send you a drawing of the design, pictures of the fabric available and the price. When you are in agreement, you must agree in writing. After this, we consider the costume or item of clothing ordered and start work on it.

If time permits (or on request), we will send you pictures of the work in progress. As soon as the item or the costume is finished, we will put it up for sale on either our website, or in our Etsy shop, whichever you choose. Upon recieving payment and the shipping adress, we will ship out your order within 2 days!

On Larger orders:

All orders above E 500,00 are subject to a contract, and payment must be made in 4 equal terms.

The first term ends (and must be payed) after you send us your email with the agreement of our design. As soon as payment is made (via Etsy, Paypal or our website), we will procure the materials needed and start work on your order.

The second term ends (and must be payed) after the patterns have been drafted and the test of the costumes has been made. This will be in a fabric unrelated to your costume, no lining is added yet and is only meant to test fit and design. If you live abroad, a picture of the fitting model will be sent to you, along with an invoice for the second term (payment can ben made via Etsy, Paypal or our website).

If you live in the Netherlands, we will set a date for a fitting. Once fitting has been done, the second term will be invoiced to you (you can also choose to pay in cash if this suits you better, a receipt will be issued when you do).

The third term ends when work on the the final item or costume(s) is halfway. We will send you pictures of the work in progress, along with an invoice (payment can ben made via Etsy, Paypal or our website).

The fourth term starts as soon as payment for the third term has been made and the design agreed upon, and we will finish the customorder (payment can ben made via Etsy, Paypal or our website).

Terms and conditions for customorders:

(these terms and conditions are in addition to our general terms and conditions, they do not exclude them)

-As described above, all orders above E 500,00 are subject to a contract, and payment must be made in 4 terms. After the work for each term has been completed, we will contact the customer with pictures and an invoice for this particular term. Once the work done has been accepted by the customer, payment must be made. After payment is made and recieved, we will continue working on your order. Rosies Art is not responsible for delay caused by the customer in this process. Should it no longer be possible to meet the agreed upon deadline because of this, the deadline will be moved further into the future.

-When the customorder contains a number of costumes for different people, for instance costumes for a band, this will count as 1 order. Should the total price of this order exceed E500,00, the aforementioned contract and payment in terms is in effect, even if the costumes are for more than 1 person.

-All designs we have proposed to you during the process of developing your costume, remain the property of Rosies Art. Under no circumstances are you, or anyone else, permitted to reproduce either the designs on the drawings sent to you, or to copy the design of the customorder we have made for you.

-If you have a shop and wish us to design and make you a number of items (such as 1 design in different sizes) this is possible, but we will have to know in advance.

It is also possible to order a design and the sewing pattern for the design from us for later reproduction. This is only allowed after our express permission (in writing) and at an additional fee.

-Should the customer, after agreeing on the work done and making payment for a previous term, decide to back out of the customorder through no fault of Rosies Art, a refund is not possible.

-Prices agreed upon are excl. Shippingcosts (ask us if you want to know the costs of shipping). The costs of shipping will be added on top of the price for the customorder agreed on.

-Prices are excl. any additional costs added/charged when the order is shipped to you by companies or governments other than Rosies Art.

-Prices for customorders for customers within the Netherlands are incl. VAT (BTW).

-Customorders cannot be returned! However, off course we want to keep our customers happy. If it turns out something is amiss with your order upon recieving it, and the fault is clearly ours, we will try to resolve the matter depending on the issue at hand. We will always strive to resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction!

-Just like with the items from our regular collection: Warranty expires as soon as the item has been altered by anyone other than Rosies Art.

-Upon sending your customorder, we will send you instructions on how to wash and care for your custom designed costume. Warranty expires if the customer fails to adhere to these instructions.

-We send out our orders with the upmost care and have never encountered any problems with shipping. However, should anything go wrong with shipping your order, we will address the matter depending on the problem at hand and do our very best to resolve it to everyones satisfaction.

-Unless specifically agreed upon (in writing), you are not allowed to re-sell our designs in a shop, other than as a second-hand item to another person.

Contact us about the possibilities (such as a wholesale discount) if you wish to sell our designs in a shop.