Jacket Estelle Pathfinder size S

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The Estelle jacket is a sexy, comfy Wastelander style bolero jacket made from a patchwork of different fabrics.

The design has seams that are sturdy, but are made to look distressed and unfinished. It has patches and metal details, a high, fitted mandarin collar and sleeves that are puffed at the top and comfy and fitted at the bottom (with a hole for the thumb so the sleeves reach to halfway down the hand).

Closes at the neck with 1 grey metal clasp.

The design shown here is a size S: Bust max 89 cm/35.04″, sleevelength 57 cm/22.44″ (excl glove), upper arm width 29 cm/11.41″

Stylish, warm and comfortable, while the shortness of the jacket also shows off the top you wear underneath.

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