Wastelander Coat Oberand Trailblazer size XL

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The Oberand coat is a one-of-a-kind double-breasted longcoat made from many different reclaimed cotton and wool fabrics and trims in shades of brown and green. Its top part and sleeves are patched all over with patches of the same fabrics with deliberate unfinished edges, decorative stitching and irregular bleach patterns. It has several functional fabrics at the inside and outside of the coat.

The top part of the body of the coat is lined with thick felt, whereas the bottom of the coat and sleeves are unlined, leaving more freedom of movement.

The bottom part of the coat has an inset at the back from waist to bottom, leaving the coat to flare out while it is worn.

The coat closes at the top with leather buttons, leaving the lower part of the coat open.

This particular design is made in a size XL. It has wide shoulders, making it especially suited to an athletic figure, but not for very muscled biceps.

Chest circumference: 100 cm/39.3 inch

Waist circumference: 90 cm/35.4 inch

Bicep circumference: 37 cm/14.5 inch

Shoulderwidth: 51 cm/20.7 inch

Sleevelength: 64 cm/25.1 inch

Total center back length: 150 cm/59

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