Earrings Mara Trailblazer

 17,00 Incl. VAT

Cool Wastelander earrings Mara Trailblazer with howlite scull and lightweight wooden ‘poison bottle’ pendants.

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The cool Mara Trailblazer earrings are made from a howlite (a mineral) scull and a ‘bottle of poison’.

The bottles are made of lightweight wood, with a very lifelike print, so the earrings aren’t too heavy.

From top to bottom they measure about 9,5 cms/ 3.74 inches

and weigh 7 grams each.


On shipping:

We realise there is only 1 shipping method available on this site, and if you are far removed from the Netherlands, the price for shipping an order of earrings may get a bit steep.

Of course, the obvious option would be to order everything you like in 1 go, and just add your favourite earrings to your order to avoid shipping costs to get too high for the earrings alone.

But if your budget doesn’t allow for such an order, please feel free to Contact us so we can discuss the possibilities of other means of shipping!