Earrings Lilac Trailblazer

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Striking Wastelander Chandeleer-earrings Lilac Trailblazer made from wood, copper and resin

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The striking Lilac earrings are made out of wood, copper and resin.

The Lilac earrings are considered ‘chandeleer-earrings’ or ‘chandelearings’.

They are quite large, but their weight does not reflect their size.

The wooden cog has a ‘vertebra’ attached to it with a spidersweb of copper thread. The vertebra looks just like the real thing, but is made from resin, so no animals where harmed. A copper chain tousle hangs down from the cog.

From top to bottom they measure about 12,5 cms/ 4.92 inches

and weigh 8 grams each.


On shipping:

We realise there is only 1 shipping method available on this site, and if you are far removed from the Netherlands, the price for shipping an order of earrings may get a bit steep.

Of course, the obvious option would be to order everything you like in 1 go, and just add your favourite earrings to your order to avoid shipping costs to get too high for the earrings alone.

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