Belt Obi Angelduster

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Cool fashionable belt, made from real leather.

The Obi belts are meant to be worn around the waist, emphasising the smallest part of your body, while still very comfortable to wear. Perfect for showing off your curves at a glamourous fashion party, or during your travels through the wastelands!

The Obi belt is made from thick light greybrown cowhide and finished with cream white stitchings.

The belt is worn wrapped snugly around your waist, slips through a slit in the side for a pretty flat silhouette, and can be tied in the front, in the back, or any other way you like!

These belts are all made in 1 size. Due to the wraparound nature of the design, they fit pretty much anyone!

Do you have a non-standard size? Please contact us with your measurements, so we can make sure the belt will fit you perfectly, or make one to your measurements!

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