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With all customorder projects either postponed or due to deadlines that where too tight (sadly) cancelled, we had a little free time @ the workshop today…

Time to finish some projects (picture 1), freestyle and experiment with some ideas we had in the back of our mind (picture 2) and put some final finishes on some gorgeous men’s jackets that where finished a long time ago, but never published.

Taking babysteps, but I’m happy with the initial results, and VERY glad to be back in the saddle again!


Rosies Art will be at Castlefest once more!

This summer 3rd-6th of August, we will once more be selling our designs at Castlefest!

We’re very much looking forward to the event, as its always a great pleasure to be there and we’ll get to meet so many old friends again.

We have not had word of where our stall has been placed, but┬áthere’s a good chance you’ll be able to find us in the same place as last year and the years before: Next to the entrance to the former ‘steampunk garden’.

We’ll let you know as soon as we can!

This year, our collection will completely be made up of Wastelander designs for men and women, both accessories and clothing.

Many of our designs have not yet been photographed and uploaded to this website. They will be in the months to come. Hopefully, we will also be able to add some more pictures from new photoshoots!

So if you want to know what we’ll bring with us to Castlefest, stay tuned for more updates here, on facebook or on our products-pages!



Work in Progress!

Working hard at the workshop. Its a lot harder to make new clothing thats sturdy and durable, but looks ‘old and worn’ than you might think!


Rosies Art will once more be @ Castlefest!

August 3rd-6th, Rosies Art will once more be presen with a stall at Castlefest festival!

We are very much looking forward to it, as its always a great pleasure to be there and wonderfull to once more meet up with old friends!

This year, we’ll be taking a complete collection of wastelander designs with us, for both men and women.

Wearable items with a wastelander touch for everyday life, and over-the-top costuming for the true survivor about to hit the wastes. We’ll be bringing along pants, skirts, kilts, shirts, dresses, tops, coats, jackets, hats, bags and scarves!

If the previous years are anything to go by, we’ll probably be in the same spot as before: next to the entrance to the former ‘steampunk garden’.

We have not yet uploaded all of our current designs to this webshop by far, so if you want to preview the full extent of the designs we’ll be bringing to Castlefest, stay tuned to this site!

Looking forward to meeting you there!



As many of you already know, I -Rosies Arts owner and lead designer- have not been doing well.

Due to the stresses of juggling a new and very demanding job, raising a toddler, getting a university degree, illness and dealing with the social isolation that came with just having too little time, keeping Rosies Art alive became too much.

Therefore, I have regrettably had to temporarily halt all Rosies Art activities until I was able to put more energy into making quality items for this label.

I also announced this through all of our social media channels, and took the Rosies Art website offline. Understandably, some of you mistakenly assumed this meant Rosies Art had stopped to exist entirely.

But, to speak with Granny Weatherwax’s immortal words: ‘I aten’t dead’!

Completely retiring Rosies Art was never the plan, and behind the scenes we have been working hard to get our energy back and continue adding to our wastelander collection.

We’re not there yet, but we are slowly getting back on our feet.


The Rosies Art website still needs some work; we have many items ready to be sold at the workshop that have not yet been photographed.

In the months to come, updates, new blogposts and new designs will be added to our webshop, so stay tuned!

Ready…. Steady… Go!